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Community Events

Riverview High School 3.0 and Above

SMAC- Sarasota Manatee Cty #1 Social Tennis/Recreation Group

Day: Monday, Time: 5:30 PM Russ is the host

March Viewing Party

Sarasota "Doctor Who" Fan Meetup

We hope to see you at our March meeting. We'll be watching the 11th Doctor story, "Amy's Choice" (2010). With Matt Smith as the Doctor, and Amy and Rory along, this can't help but be lots of fun. We'll also be viewing some of the VAM (value-added...

Your Path From Secret To Success Implementation Day

Empowering Women Network

Your Path From Secret To Success is the entrepreneurial guidebook that I wish I had had when I started my entrepreneurial journey. If you've bought the book during the launch or pre-launch sale - Thank You! If you haven't gotten a copy yet, no...